06 Mar 2018
Massimo Motor Sports is Now Offering 24×7 Phone and Web Chat Support

At Massimo, we recognize how important 24/7 customer service is and we are delivering on this need. We added these features recently and are finally ready to announce the availability for everyone.

With our 24-7 web chat, if you have a question just type into the live chat box and one of our friendly team members will reply to you live. It’s simple and easy to do. Just go to our website www.massimomotor.com and look on the bottom right hand side. Simply click on the prompt and type in your questions. When we have your question we’ll reply with an answer.

With our 24-7 phone chat, dial 877-644-2107 and a team member will answer your call immediately. When you have a question or problem your Massimo unit, we will be there to answer your call: It will be answered by a live person instead of a voicemail system. We’ve all had times when we worked late to meet a deadline or get ahead on a project. If you’re burning the midnight oil, we’re here for you. Any day, any time.

We have clients all over the world that need 24 hour support, 7 days a week. This change allows us to be there for them when they need assistance. Now, when you are working after hours, or happen to be in a different time zone, and have a question about your Massimo unit, you can reach a live person by phone or chat.

Our goal is to resolve each and every request within a few hours. We want to make sure that no matter what time of day, or time zone you are in that when you have a question or problem with your Massimo unit, we will be there to answer your call.

It’s quick and easy! Try it today!